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Some easy ways to get your Local Website listed in the Food Directory are as follows. Click on any of the titles below to submit your website within minutes:


Featured Listings: Only $10/year

First to Submit Gets #1 Listing in Your State

For just $10/year, you can get a featured listing in your state (above the alphabetical list) that will show: an icon/logo for your site, your name with a direct link to your website, your phone number, plus a description of your site. In addition to being listed at the top of the page for the state in which you're located, featured listings are bolded in the standard alphabetical directories. Submit your site right away to get listed at the top of the page in your state.

*Submissions will be listed in the order that they are received.


Get a Featured Listing
in Return for a Reciprocal Link

If you can't afford the $10, will give you a featured listing in return for a reciprocal link. We have created a text link and many banners that you can use to link to this directory. Simply copy the HTML code under the banner of your choice and paste it into the code of your own site. Upon verification, we will give you a featured listing at no charge.


Submit Your Site for FREE !

Submitting your website takes just minutes to complete. Just fill out our easy-to-use webform and after we approve your site, we will notify you when your listing is in place.


Update Your Listing

If your website has already been listed in our directory, but the information is incorrect or outdated: just use the update form to send your updated information or simply eMail us. You can also upgrade to a featured listing.

Check Your Listing


Send Us an eMail

If you are having problems with the webforms, or want to send additional info that the webform doesn't facilitate, just send an eMail to us at:



Why Should I Submit My Website?

As most of you should already know: search engines (like Google, Yahoo, Ask, and MSN/Live) count how many other websites link to your site and proceed to rank your site against your competition based on this link popularity.

What you might not have known, is that search engine ranks are also based on the content of the websites that are linking to yours. If a boating site links to your site = search engines will associate your site with boating. So not only will you get more traffic from this directory (which is already raking in search engine traffic with dozens of keywords), your own website will also receive more traffic directly from search engines.



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