Best Breakfast in Nashville

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best breakfast in nashville

Nashville, Tennessee, is not just about vibrant music scenes and rich history; it’s also a haven for food lovers, so let’s see what’s the best breakfast in Nashville. Here are some of the best breakfast spots in Nashville that are a must-visit for both locals and tourists:

  1. Biscuit Love – Born in a food truck and now a Nashville staple, Biscuit Love is famous for its flaky, buttery biscuits. Don’t miss their legendary “East Nasty” biscuit sandwich or the “Bonnuts,” a delightful cross between biscuits and donuts.
  2. Pancake Pantry – A long-time favorite in Nashville, Pancake Pantry offers a wide variety of pancakes that are made from scratch. From the classic buttermilk to sweet potato pancakes, there’s a flavor for every palate.
  3. Loveless Cafe – A bit of a drive from downtown but worth every mile, Loveless Cafe is iconic for its Southern-style breakfasts. Their homemade biscuits and preserves are legendary, and they serve a hearty, traditional country breakfast.
  4. Frothy Monkey – A coffeehouse that serves more than just coffee, Frothy Monkey is a go-to for locals looking for a delicious breakfast. Their menu features creative and wholesome options like the California, a dish with quinoa, avocado, and poached eggs.
  5. The Southern Steak & Oyster – For a more upscale breakfast experience, The Southern is the place to go. They offer a unique twist on Southern classics, like the “Southern Benedict,” featuring crab cakes instead of the traditional ham.
  6. Marché Artisan Foods – A European-style cafe and marketplace, Marché is known for its fresh, seasonal fare. Their breakfast menu includes delightful pastries, artisanal bread, and exquisite dishes like croissant French toast.
  7. Five Daughters Bakery – If you have a sweet tooth, Five Daughters is a must. Famous for their 100-layer donuts, a cross between a croissant and a donut, they offer both classic and inventive flavors.
  8. Pinewood Social – A trendy spot where you can eat, drink, and even bowl, Pinewood Social serves an excellent breakfast. Their menu includes creative dishes like the “Pork Belly Hash” and a variety of healthy options.
  9. Monell’s Dining & Catering – For a family-style dining experience, head to Monell’s. Their country breakfast is served at large communal tables and includes endless servings of Southern breakfast classics.
  10. D’Andrews Bakery & Cafe – Known for their sandwiches and salads, D’Andrews also serves up a mean breakfast. Their pastries are a must-try, along with well-crafted coffee beverages.

As the sun rises over Nashville, the city awakens to an array of breakfast destinations each with their own unique charm and flavors. From the fluffy, butter-laden biscuits of Biscuit Love to the artisanal coffee and crepes of Red Bicycle, Nashville proves that it’s not just the undisputed capital of country music, but also a hidden gem for breakfast enthusiasts.

Whether you’re in the mood for a classic Southern spread at Loveless Cafe, craving the innovative stuffed French toast at Sky Blue Cafe, or looking for the perfect bagel at Noshville Delicatessen, Nashville’s breakfast scene caters to every palate and preference. Each restaurant brings its own flavor to the table, making breakfast in Nashville not just a meal, but an experience that resonates with the city’s rich culinary culture and warm, welcoming vibe.

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